Envision chart

Our Client Advisory Process

Legacy Wealth Management believes that knowledge, vision and resources are essential to building wealth; and that experience and stewardship are necessary to maintain it. We believe our team is well-positioned and equipped with the tools, resources and a client advisory process to help secure and expand your family's wealth, today and for future generations.

Envision® investment planning enhances the process

We offer an investment planning process using The Envision investment planning system to evaluate your wealth management strategy and hep track it. Envision planning is one of the most innovative financial strategy resources available today. it creates an effective, easy-to-understand method for you to prioritize and pursue objectives without overexposure to risk. Our steps to preparing your portfolio include:

1. Understand and analyze. We start by listening to understand your past experiences, current situation, and future needs and goals, as well as your risk tolerance. Together, we define your goals, aspirations and resources which form the foundation of your personal wealth management strategy.

2. Develop your strategy and Envision plan of record. Your needs, goals and resources will be studied, researched and analyzed until we feel confident that we have developed a wealth management strategy tailored specifically to you.

3. Implement recommendations. Only after you understand and feel comfortable with our recommenations will we begin to implement portfolio planning. Implementation will be handled strategically to help mitigate risk, analyze tax implications and reduce unnecessary expenses.

4. Review and communicate regarding your progress 
  • Contacts to keep in touch regarding events in your life
  • Reports to track the progress you've made toward your goals
  • Face-to-face meetings to assess and discuss your plan, offer objective advice and readjust your plan to accommodate events and changes to your goals
  • Review your progress to help ensure your strategy remains appropriate for your current situation